C.B. Goodman and Sons Lumber is a third and fourth family generation in the lumber business. The business started in 1956 when Clint Black Goodman and his family moved from Tennessee to start a sawmill in western, Kentucky. Clint earned a good reputation within the community by being a hard worker, having a keen sense of business and producing good quality lumber. To this day we still follow the same steps that were set for us and for the generations following.

The Long Journey for Clint Goodman begins at age 16 with a four mile walk and a ten hour work day at W.P. Grover Lumber Company in Hohenwald, Tennessee. His boss, Walter P. Grover, was quite impressed with his work ethic and dependability. In 1938, Clint married the boss' daughter, Alida. After marrying, Mr. Grover gave Clint a two dollar raise and promoted him to manager of one of his mills in an adjoining county. In 1942, Clint was drafted and served in Germany during World War II. After the war, Clint returned to Tennessee and continued to operate the sawmill. In 1956, Clint heard there was flat land and great timber in western Kentucky. Clint promptly packed up his family and moved to Kaler, Kentucky. He bought 80 acres of land and called his new business C.B. Goodman Lumber Company. Over time, the company grew, and became incorporated and changed the name to C.B. Goodman and Sons Lumber, Inc. Clint earned a great reputation within the community and was well respected.

As the years went by, Clint became less of a decision maker and more of a support person for the next generation of lumbermen (Clinton, Mike, Tony & Judy). Even so, he was still the first man on the job in the morning and the last man to leave in the evening. Clint and Alida were great examples for their children and grandchildren.


C.B. Goodman and Sons Lumber has grown considerably over the years. We are still located on the original 80 acres and have a satellite yard in Grantsburg, Illinois.

C.B. Goodman and Sons Lumber produces approximately 5 million board feet a year. We manufacture kiln-dried, green and air-dried lumber. All of our lumber is kept under T-sheds to ensure the brightest color; and, anti-stain treatment and endcoating products are applied to all kiln dried lumber. In addition all kiln-dried lumber is inspected before and after drying. We pride ourselves in taking every step possible in providing the best products.

Nearly 100% of the wood product is utilized. Factories in nearby towns use wood chips, formally a waste byproduct, for metal alloy processing and for paper manufacturing. Farmers in our area use our sawdust and wood chips for the firing of tobacco and for livestock.

Mulch from the debarking operation is sold to landscapers and to the general public. Our mulch production has evolved as a natural product from the bark that is removed from all logs before they are run through the band saw. Our mulch has no junk whatsoever in it. And, we have our own grinder which allows our mulch to be consistent in size. In addition to grinding our own mulch, we also have a coloring machine that allows us to even customize your mulch color.

Goodman Lumber also has a flooring division where we sell to the public some of the finest hardwood flooring, manufactured from our very own lumber at different flooring plants throughout the United States. We also sell solid hardwood doors, molding and tongue and grove paneling,

We employ 28 people including Clint and Alida’s children, Judy, Clinton, Mike, Tony and two daughters-in-law, Nancy and Leslie. Five out of the nine grandchildren (Jimmy, Ryan, Casey, Tim, and Veronica) also work for the company.