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C.B. Goodman & Sons Lumber strives to buy only mineral free, high quality timber.

After the timber has been graded, it is stored in a sprinkler yard to prevent stain and insect damage. Once the timber is sawn, the lumber goes through an initial inspection, end trimming, and is placed on sticks for air drying. The lumber is then kiln dried, re-inspected, and packaged for shipment. As a result of this process, each board is inspected and graded three times. From coming onto the yard to leaving the yard, a Goodman hand is involved in every step the lumber goes through.

Green Lumber Kiln Dried Lumber Miscellaneous
Red Oak Red Oak Railroad Ties
Poplar Poplar Posts
White Oak White Oak Douglas Fir
Cherry Cherry Hobby Lumber
Ash Sassafras  
Hickory Ky Coffee  
Hard Maple Hard Maple  


  • Green Lumber
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