• Black Mulch

  • Cherry Brown Mulch

  • Cypress Mulch

  • Red Mulch

  • Reground Mulch


If you plan to use mulch around your home or garden this year, please come and see us at Goodman Lumber & Hardwood Flooring. We sell several different colors of mulch. Our double ground mulch is natural bark which we grind ourselves. We also have double ground mulch available in red, cherry brown, black, and natural cypress. SINCE OUR MUCLH IS MADE FROM THE BARK OF A TREE, IT IS A NATURAL NUTRIENT FOR THE SOIL AND EXISTING PLANTS AND TREES.

You can forget about the bags! We load the mulch directly into your truck bed or trailer. We also sell tractor-trailer load quantities. So, come and see us to get started on your new beautiful landscape.

In addition to mulch, we also make wood chips that are perfect for playgrounds! We sell chips by the bucket or the truck load.


  • Double Ground (Natural Bark)
  • Red
  • Cherry Brown
  • Black
  • Natural Cypress

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